Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Batman Cake

One of my good friend's son was turning six. My friend had just had a baby, and since her son has celiac, she asked if she could hire me to make his cake. I agreed, hoping that my husband (who is extremely talented and amazing) would be willing to help me. Batman never looked (or tasted) so good! I've included pictures of the steps we took when frosting him, in case anyone ever wants to make a Batman cake for themselves.

Stage 1- Get a superhero cake pan- this one was actually superman, but you can't tell. It's also been He-man, Green Lantern, Iron man, and several other superheroes. Once the cake is baked, freeze it overnight. This will ensure that it does not fall apart when frosting. Then frost the gray armor part of the cake.

Stage 2- Add an enormous amount of food coloring into your white frosting and turn it black. Yes it stains everything, including mouths, hands, counter tops etc. But it looks cool!

Stage 3- Eyes, bat, and belt. Not much to explain.

Stage 4- The face. Make the frosting orange and then keep adding white frosting until it's the skin color you desire.

Stage 5 - The outlining. Take some of your leftover black frosting and some of your lighter gray frosting and mix them together. You get a whole new shade of gray to outline muscles with!

And like magic, it's done! Then of course you bask in your own awesomeness and maybe post it on a blog for the world to see!

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