Monday, May 6, 2013

Dorito's Nacho Cheese: Gluten Free!!!!!

Dorito's made an exciting announcement: Dorito's Nacho Cheese Chips are now gluten free!!!! Here is their reply to the inquiry:

Thank you for writing to us. The wheat flour has been removed from Doritos Nacho Cheese and it no longer contains any gluten ingredients.

There is still some older packaging material being used that list wheat flour as an ingredient even though it was removed several months ago. The information on the website will be updated when we are certain that old packaging is no longer being used.

We consider you a valued consumer and hope you will continue to enjoy snacks from Frito-Lay.

Best regards,

Frito-Lay Consumer Relations


  1. This just means they no longer contain gluten ingredients. Because they are not listing it as gluten free like they do their Frito's, it may still have gluten due to cross contamination. Depending on how sensitive you are, it may still affect you

  2. Ryan - You are right. Kirsti's kids are very sensitive, though, and haven't seemed to have a problem with them yet. We'll let you know if that changes.

  3. Here is a link to the official list of Frito-Lay's Gluten Free and Non-Gluten Containing products:

  4. I have gluten intolerance not full celuac soyld they be safe for me to eat?